So, you’re fascinated by shopping for a Betta fish or another tropical fish? What causes you to take into account the Betta?

Are you purchasing the Betta just because you see them in very little small spherical bowls and you’re thinking that that this appears like a straightforward fish to require home for a pet?

If that is the solely reason, i might such as you to prevent without delay and rethink your selection of pets. whereas most pet outlets have the Betta in a very small bowl, in world, most Bettas most likely would love a bigger housing. After all, would you prefer to be stuck in a very very little bowl wherever you’ll much bit the walls from where you’re within the bowl? Would you prefer to be control unfortunate in such atiny low place though you probably did have the water to swim around in?

Take a glance at the natural surroundings of any fish; take an honest look. you’ve got most likely ne’er seen a fish being born or raised or living its whole life in a very small Betta bowl, except at the pet stores.

The reason they’re in those bowls is as a result of they cannot let the Betta in with bound different fish, particularly not their own reasonably fish, the male Betta. they’re referred to as the “Siamese Fighting Fish” which ought to provide you with a clue on the temperament of such a fish.

So, let’s face it. the important reason that each one those fish ar in small bowls is as a result of that is the most cost-effective method that the fish stores will keep the fish. There are not any filters, and no filtration cartridges to buy once you use a small bowl as a marine museum. the shop desires you to believe that this fish-caring on the Betta is easy, simple and not costly.

If the pet outlets were forced to grant correct housing to Betta fish, they’d have to be compelled to offer every Betta a 10 or twenty gallon marine museum. that might be too costly, therefore all the outlets house the Betta fish in small, glass bowls that ar economical for the outlets.

Personally, I had a Betta in a very 10 gallon marine museum which Betta was the happiest fish ever.. So, be ready, and be nice to your Betta. offer your Betta a bigger lebensraum. you’ll place some plants in there and a few tiny decorations and you’re prepared for your new Betta’s surroundings.

While you’re at the library, obtain some books on tropical fish and obtain a book regarding Bettas however browse with caution. The book can tell you the way to worry for the Betta. it’ll tell you wherever to find Bettas and Betta provides.

Another suggestion:

Before you buy your Betta, or before you buy any fish in the slightest degree, do the wise issue and get everything you wish for the fish before you even check out fish. the thought is to own the setup all match into the spot wherever you may keep it in your home or workplace. established the tank, the water, the filter, and any ornamental stuff you need within the tank, and so let the filter endure each day or 2 before you visit purchase the fish.

Consider putting in place some live plants besides the plastic ones you’ll have chosen. combining each live associate degreed plastic plants in an vivarium will provides it a most fascinating look.

Consider shopping for an even bigger filter than necessary, simply because. Most times, folks seek for tiny, cheap set ups for fish.

Personally, for myself, i might continually opted for simply a touch bit larger. you simply ne’er recognize. positive you’re beginning out with one fish however months from currently or a year from currently, you simply may need an entire community of fish living in this same tank. If you’re thinking that larger at the start, that saves you time, bother and cash shortly in your hobby progress.


Do your analysis if you’re considering raising fish. ascertain that fish ar friendly and that ar quite aggressive. There has been over one amateur United Nations agency has brought home a predator fish solely to search out his or her different fish dead once each day just about.

And then there ar those fish United Nations agency a bit like to nibble on one another. a number of the Angel Fish varieties typically can nibble the fins of different Angel Fish. and that they can nibble and nibble until they cannot nibble any longer. therefore you may do plenty of analysis on Angel Fish before shopping for them.

If you would like to breed fish and you’re a real starting, the Lebistes reticulatus may well be the proper fish for you to begin with. however keep in mind, that larger Lebistes reticulatus can presumably try and eat all the babies therefore have a separate tank prepared for the baby fish OR get one in all those divider particles for your tank and you’ll divide nearly any tank into 2 separate tanks. If you look within the fish pet stores or aquariums, you will see that they conjointly build tiny aspect tanks that suspend off the first-rate of the larger aquariums. they will catch the fish, however them in this smaller tank and so carry the tank to the register for you to shop for your fish. So, there ar several choices once you ar thinking of shopping for or raising fish.


Buy the suggested foods. And if you’ll notice a no frills whole which will work conjointly.

You might not need to try to to this however i will share a secret with you. I did run out of fish food in the future, long ago, in winter and that i did not live close to a pet store. I visited the cupboard and took out the box of Cheerios and proceeded to crush the Cheerios into a fine grain. Yes, I did feed this to the fish and that they Ate like that for 10 or additional days, till finally i used to be ready to go and obtain fish food. affirmative they survived!

Some fish love live food. and also the pet stores can sell live food for the reptiles and for a few fish. They principally continually have a feeding tank, a large tank, that has feeder fish in it. If you have got a large fish like associate degree honour fish, that fish typically as massive as twelve inches, will and can and will eat fish. i’m not suggesting you feed any fish to a different fish. i am simply sharing concepts here.

Do solely what’s healthy and safe for your own fish. Read, read, read, and do your analysis on topics of fish, fish diseases, and different aquatic connected topics.


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