One of the most important issues everybody has with their puppies is them deciding to travel potty within the house. This as a giant issue in mine. Really, this drawback might be any from little puppy to full big dog. we have a tendency to all apprehend what a nightmare this could be!

Now, accidents do happen and nobody will management those. If your dog has been potty trained for a few time and that they had one accident then it’s no massive deal as a result of it happens from time to time. they need no approach of telling United States of America they have to travel outside. If you have got a dog WHO has been potty trained for quite it slow currently and has multiple accidents you must talk to your veterinary. i like to recommend checking along with your veterinary to form positive there’s no underlying issue.

There square measure variety of the way you’ll be able to facilitate to resolve this drawback.

My favorite thanks to solve this drawback is praise and treats. Whenever you have got a dog that pottys within the house fairly often, whenever they potty outside reward them. Positive reinforcement is crucial to serving to your dog to find out to not go within the house. Actually, positive reinforcement is crucial once coaching your dog to try and do concerning something.

Another way to resolve this drawback is with disapproval. Now, there’s an accurate thanks to try this. By currently your dog ought to apprehend what “bad dog” suggests that. If they do not whenever they are doing one thing wrong like pottying within the house say “bad dog” so take them outside to end pottying. Leave the mess wherever it’s at or have some other person beware of the mess whereas you are taking the dog out. once you take the dog outside make certain they potty then in fact reward them not with a treat however with positive reinforcement and praise. this can facilitate them to appreciate that going potty within what not sensible however going potty outside was the proper issue to try and do.

I was raised differently to resolve this drawback. My daddy (a country boy) told American state to rub their nose on top of wherever the mess is within the house and to gently smack their nose. You then take the dog straight outside once more and create them end pottying outside. This once more reinstalls to the dog the incorrect and also the right behavior to try and do.


It is not cute once a dog jumps on you, particularly once a dog that’s over thirty pounds jumps on you, a bit child, or associate aged person. several dangers return from a dog jumping on individuals. A dog will scratch somebody, knock somebody down, or hurt somebody. it’s natural for dogs to leap after they need to mention greeting to somebody. it’s solely natural as a result of they need to air our level. The exhausting half is resolution this jumping issue.

There square measure a number of alternative ways that you just will stop this drawback. you’ll be able to use corrector spray. Corrector spray appears like associate air horn. It doesn’t have a sound to that. It solely is air beginning of a tube. the foremost vital issue to recollect with this is often to not spray it directly at your dog however to spray it on top of or removed from them. make certain they’re still ready to see the corrector spray instrumentality and that they can learn that it’s a discipline and not a toy.

Now the key to the present is to have already got the corrector spray in your hand before your dog jumps. you wish to be ready to make certain that you just will spray the corrector spray once the dog is in middle jump. Telling the dog “No Jump” once spraying the corrector spray is crucial to belongings your dog apprehend that it’s not a wished behavior. Keeping this correction consistent is vital that the dog learns the method.


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